(Hope for Rural  Dwellers)

Join Us as a Supporter, Volunteer or Team Member.

Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation is always interested in engaging with the people who have a genuine interest in bringing change and in our work, we do this in a number of ways, including developing strong supporter, volunteer and team member networks.  If you are interested in getting involved in our work in some way, please complete the contact form by using the contact page indicating your interest and our team will contact you at the earliest opportunity

The experience of a volunteering holiday can be one of the most rewarding of your life and an experience that will live with you for a long time to come.

 Volunteering help address many of the most important development challenges facing global communities. Our volunteer programmes empower people especially the youth/students to play an active role in communities’ development, while gaining the experience, knowledge, values and life skills necessary for employment and full citizenship.

 Volunteers contribute to achieving national priorities such as nation-building and improving governance. Benefits in volunteering accrue both to the country being served, and the serving volunteer. Volunteers represent one of our greatest assets: people who will not stand by and watch but actually get involved, making helping others their business.

 Our volunteer programme is designed to ensure that we help you to make a lasting difference, and that your contribution goes where it is most needed. 

Student Supporter
Students of all ages who are interested in supporting our work are welcome to join us.  We have 4 supporter groups so, whether you're in primary, secondary or tertiary education, we have the right package for you!

Educational Supporter
Educators of all age groups who are interested in supporting and discussing our work in the classroom are welcome. Regardless of the age group you teach,             we are very interested in developing with you, the package that fits your needs!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Personal Supporter
Members of the general public who are interested in personally supporting our work are all welcome.  We have different supporter groups so whether you're looking to become a youth, adult or family supporter, we have the right package for you!

Corporate Supporter
We are currently accepting applications from companies of all sizes that are interested in supporting our work.  We have 5 supporter groups, so dependent upon the size of your organisation, we have the right opportunity for you to show your stakeholders you care!

used computers and laptops
Support us to continue distributing free educational resources in poor communities to encourage Education. A new development in our quest towards helping children in deprived rural communities to acquire basic education.

Support us with books for the children, toys, and sports equipments, letc.

Kindly contact us today to arrange your donations.


The first decision you need to make is where exactly you wish to volunteer. Our project-specific Coordinators are able to advise on the types of assistance that are needed at a given point in time, so - regardless of whether you have a few hours, a few weeks or a few months - we can usually facilitate your request.

 Our aim is to promote young people’s commitment towards a more inclusive growth through notably projects that tackle the issues of youth unemployment; poverty and marginalization, inclusion of disable young people, encouraging young people’s participation, young people spirit of initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship. 
We aim to ensure that it's an unforgettable time for all the right reasons, with activities that are designed to immerse international participants in our culture no matter the location of the projects.
We aim to inspire a sense of active citizenship, solidarity and tolerance among young people and to involve them in shaping their future and that of their communities and country at large.
We aim to promote mobility within and beyond borders, non-formal learning and intercultural dialogue, by encouraging the inclusion of all young people regardless of their educational, social and cultural backgrounds.

 To foster an international network of like minded individuals who have an interest in supporting and strengthening intercultural relations between the countries in focus and beyond.

 To offer our participants access to a range of informed perspectives on cultural, political, and economic issues in the relationship or region in focus. For exposure and to learn new things from another society.

Target groups (to study in Africa-Ghana by means of volunteering)

•Primary Schools (group exchange with supervision of

 a teacher or adult)

•High Schools

•University Students

•Groups (churches, clubs, etc.)


What we offer volunteers in terms of Service and learning opportunities:
During the programme participants have the chance to experience diverse cultural landscape and to learn more about the countries remarkable history.
All participants are presented with a certificate upon completion of the programme, confirming their involvement in community development project. Souvenirs are given as a gift in appreciation of participants efforts. African drumming, dancing and music lessons are offered as well as learning how to cook Ghanaian dishes, our way of dressing and every day family life of our people.

Volunteers are introduced to different drums, all made locally and will have the opportunity to get a drum specially made for them, to take home and demonstrate their new-found skills to family and friends.

Volunteer’s role will include the following and many more as to when it is demanded;

  • *Teaching (basic, general and informal education, vocational skills education and ICT workshops).

  • Teaching and coaching (physical education, girls empowerment and sports development, youth sport

  • Moulding bricks, digging soil, brick laying, supporting the experts and transporting of building materials (Construction of classrooms, libraries, clinics and community centres).

  • Re-launch the use of condoms and to create a more positive image of condom use in preventing HIV/AIDS, other sexually transmitted infections and in birth control

•Creating awareness and increasing teachers, students and the general public knowledge about major infectious diseases by promoting positive change behaviour both in students and teachers and also at homes.