​​​Our research, through the  Happy Children Project shows that many resource constrained communities and parents                                                                         especially, are forced to make hard choices between basic necessities such as education (books, pencils, school                                                                 uniform, etc.) or food for the family (medical bills, poor accommodation, etc). 

While many rural people, who spend relatively more money on healthcare, completely lack some disposable income                                                                           for schooling, small business and communication thus perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

Thus, Floating Crystals Academy was founded with the sole aim of providing a platform for poor deprived children,                                                                             youth-at-risk, adults and persons with disabilities to attain and achieve certain basic education, apprenticeship,                                                                                 skills and knowledge by providing free literacy classes for out of school children ,youth adults and persons with                                                               disabilities through both formal and non-formal educational activities.


Our Mission is to provide the care and education necessary to empower formally impoverished children to become leaders whom will dedicate their lives to the compassionate improvement of society by providing free education for needy children of all communities.

Our Vision is to furnish our Children the best understanding, skills and values for a prosperous and happy life...Arming the Children for a future. 

Our Motto is Friendship, Truth and Hard work

We believe in bringing hope, building smiles and dreams by providing what should be every child’s birth right; Freedom, Health, Shelter and Education.

We also believe, Floating Crystals Academy is a place where you can show your concern for the well being of our planet and its most vulnerable occupants.

The reality is that, when a child does not have adequate infrastructure at school it is virtually impossible for them to achieve their full potential. Imagine a rural school where uniforms, shoes, pencils, paper, books and chalkboards are common and free. Imagine lighted libraries for reading and studying, computer labs for chatting with another teacher or student thousands of miles away for taking an online course. 

Aims and Objectives:
To provide support to struggling children and youth who want to go to school, play football, learn a trade (skills), etc. for reliance through volunteer hosting, helping with fund raising and promoting responsible tourism, cultural and youth exchange activities.

To provide basic vocational training to impoverished young parents who very much want to go back to school or work but lack the requisite training, skills and funds for technical course work to be pre-powered for the job market.

 To create opportunity for livelihood and educational programs to work hand in hand, to share skills, create awareness and priorities language education by explaining ICT education for at-risk youth, women and PWD in rural communities.

To develop an opportunity for scholarship and also funding the living costs, medical expenses, clothing, counseling services of the children while using education and sports to increase girl access to and attainment of basic education, and women access to adult literacy to increase girls and women life options and compacting human trafficking, exploitation and child abuse.


Activities – (Teaching)
Languages: (English, French, Spanish, etc.)
Learning a foreign language not only reveals how other society think and feel what they have experienced  and valued and how they express themselves, it also provides a cultural meaning in which we can more clearly see our our society.
Self Development (Personal Development)
Moral and Religious studies
Entertainment :(Music ,Drama Teather Poetry) Talent Hunt
Hygiene and personal / team development
Positive but strict approach to time\Keeping kit and listening to coaches
Respect for players, referees, all bodies and opposing teams
Fitness and training guide:
Create team innovative ideas and strategies
Winning out look
Respect for authorities ,people ans visitors at all times
Ques and Prize giving celebration (sweets, recognition and wages)
Teach older and younger 


(Hope for Rural  Dwellers)