(Hope for Rural  Dwellers)

Internship Abroad Programs.
An opportunity to become ready for the real world. 

Our huge experience of working with international young people (youth) including our local volunteers is a manifestation of what we aim to develop in the youth by means of exposure. We believe that a motivated international volunteer could give a big extra input to our activities, by bringing in new experiences, new knowledge, ideas and new energy that could give a new perspective to our activities especially our youth capacity building efforts that will go a long way to help in developing further our current development projects.

HSMF internship programs are specifically designed to offer the widest range of experience, training and professionalism. Our mission, vision and experience enabled us to have partnership with reputable organizations and companies  across Ghana. These internship and work experience are designed for students and professionals to gain first hand experience as well as offer a chance to build upon a resume or curriculum vita that has international reputation and  accreditation.

We have internships available in a wide variety of sectors and roles around Ghana. Now is your time to build your confidence, gain experience and build your leadership capabilities.

Our staff works diligently hard to ensure you are placed in an internship field of your choice. Once accepted to the program, you are guaranteed an internship in your field before you arrive. Our top internships include Fashion Internships, Sports/PE Internships, Teaching Internship, Human Rights Internship,  Criminal and Civil Law Internship, Journalism Internship, Health Care Internship, Mental health Internship, Veterinary Internship, Dental Internship,  Optometry Internship, Fashion and Design Internship, Information Technology Volunteer Internship, Vocational and Entrepreneurial Internship, Finance Internships, Marketing Internships, Public Relations Internships, or Event Planning Internships. 

Great opportunities to gain practical experience and exposure with both large and small companies. Discover thousands of opportunities ranging from start ups to multinationals.

                                                                                                          Example placements

Marketing and Finance                                Business Administration                          Information  Technology              Engineering
Online marketing coordinator                     Human resources coordinator               Software developer                      Chemical Engineering
Market researcher and analyst                   Medical / Health                                        Mobile developer                          Electrical Engineering
Business development executive             Project manager                                        Web Developer                             Civil Engineering                          

Short Term Internships
Plan and teach several classes weekly to kids ages 7-12, 13-24 and adults ages 25 and above with the opportunity to get involved with our other education programs.

  • Teaching art, poetry, music and dancing
  • Teaching Chess
  • Teaching Maths
  • Teaching English
  • Teaching Sports
  • Teaching Adults

Long-term Internships
Women's Empowerment                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The program will also include managerial training and health education, coordinating educational workshop, managing our artisan project, networking with other local non-profits, and more.
The program therefore requires volunteers who have knowledge/experience/interest in product development and marketing, retail trade (sales), small business management, record keeping, agriculture, nutrition, health education (family planning/birth control, HIV/AIDS) etc.

Time Commitment : 3 weeks minimum; 3-4 months and more preferred

Side Attraction:
Volunteers will visit Tsatsadu Waterfalls, Wli Waterfalls – the highest waterfalls in West Africa and also Mount Afajdato, etc.
Free African Drumming and Dancing lessons in the evenings after work

Reasons to Intern With Us
A whole package, a challenging and rewarding internship, career seminars, academic credit, and exciting excursions.
All-Inclusive Program! In addition to a professional staff available 24/7, we coordinate every detail for you, including group housing, weekend trips, transportation to and from work, a meal plan and much more so that you can focus on your time.
Weekend Trips! We outline a great list of intern excursions to the top tourist attraction centres in Ghana.
Extensive Network! You will meet exp in your experience while interning in Ghana, leaving you with great references and a strong professional network!

Contact us for a customized program.
Customize placements are available and a variety of other types of Internship programs not listed here. We have coordinated meaningful volunteer/internship work for business professionals, fire-fighters, writers, news reporters, journalists, engineers, artists, photographers, researchers and more who will like to share their professional expertise or experience with others. servicetomankindfoundation@gmail.com