Sport for Change (Street and Working Children and Young People)                                                      

We aim to build a brighter future for young people through a sport system that reaches, inspires  and                                                                                                                    engages all young people especially girls whatever their age or ability.
Working with children from various deprived backgrounds, including orphans, street children and children                                                                                                              with disabilities. Help develop their football talent and offering them care, support and education. 
Assisting coaches in football classes through skill development, coordination skills, game preparation                                                                                                                    and training drills. Help in the organisation of training sessions and competitions
Teach new sports exercises and provide advice on health issues and requirements.                                                                                                                                                 Give advice and lessons on football tactics, Hygiene  and  classroom learning activities.

International Volunteers (HR services includes; ,Physiologists, Physical trainers, Dieticians, 
Professionals), Coaches/Club managers, Academy instructors, Volunteer footballers.                     

 *** Jerseys, keeper's gloves, footballs, boots, whistles, and other sporting apparel and equipment, and                                                                                                                         also funding.

There are a number of other community initiatives that we are involved in.

These include

  • Tree planting projects, painting projects, beach clean up days by working with Project’s Health and Sanitation team to inform children about the benefits of hand washing, teeth brushing and using latrines as part of our environmental agenda.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          This is where those of you who like to show off can really shine and, for the quieter members of the group, there is always work backstage!         


Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation is involved in initial relief work and assisting aid agencies. Through our local contacts we have continued with rural Library and Clinic building for the poor communities who do not have the means to build for themselves (monetarily or physically).  We work in close conjunction with community leaders to assess the most critical needs and then act accordingly.

We are currently managing to build libraries and clinics in 10 rural communities in Ghana with the able support of volunteers (dependent on volunteer numbers). They are simple and rustic structures typical of construction.  The work is sometimes challenging but always rewarding and offers an amazing insight into rural Vilanculos as well as the chance to meet and form working relationships with members of the local community. 

Other building projects that we undertake include refurbishment at the Pre-schools, Primary School, Senior Secondary and Technical Schools as well as K.V.I.P Projects and community center, such as new classrooms and amenities guided by the experienced Project construction team, including foundation laying, mixing cement, brick laying and brick making, and painting. Volunteers contribute to the success of our aim by helping in all aspects from building the actual library to supplying books and constructing furniture.

Culture & Traditional  (Cultural Immersion Programmes)

This programme is aim at promoting mobility within and beyond borders, non-formal learning and                                                                                                                      intercultural dialogue, enhancing development through cultural scope, exposing and strengthening                                                                                                                intercultural relations, the history and development of the field of cultural diplomacy, informing                                                                                                                                perspectives on cultural, political, and economic issues of Ghana, for exposure and to learn new                                                                                                                          things from another society, Ghana.

Women’s Empowerment                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (Urban, Micro-finance, Livelihoods, Economic Development, and Girls Involvement)

This programme aims to improve girls’ access to and attainment of a basic education, and women’s                                                                                                                  access to and attainment of adult literacy. This will lead to improvements in the confidence, self                                                                                                                            worth and marketable skills of women and girls.

We aim to support poor and disadvantaged men and women in five regions of Ghana to achieve food                                                                                                              and income security. This will be through better engagement with the markets and strengthened                                                                                                                linkages with government and other service providers.

International Volunteers, farming tools, financial support, educational materials, facilitators,                                                                                                                    computers, logistics and funding.  

​​Promoting Agriculture and Food Security (Farming)

Our aim is to help alleviate rural poverty that is currently hitting women, the youth, and the unemployed.                                                                                                            The street children will also be recruited into this project and also it will help cut down on the problem of                                                                                                              the youth moving to  urban centres looking for jobs that are not there, our believe is this project  will help                                                                                                    combat the increasing crime waves in our communities by creating jobs for all.

We believe promoting Agriculture and food security will be the best action in solving some of the problems                                                                                                          in our communities. Our plans are to undertake the planting of teak trees as our main aim alongside                                                                                                              marketable food crops such as maize, cassava, sorghum, beans, and yam and palm fruits for oil.

We will need Partnership, farming tools and funding more than ever.


(Hope for Rural  Dwellers)

​Happy Children Project
Our happy child project is to rescues street and ‘at risk’ children. Providing a 24 hour emergency centre,                                                                                                        safe homes and a farm community which provide  a secure base for their rehabilitation and                                                                                                                                            re-integration back into families and communities.

We aim to meet the immediate needs of street children by supporting their families and communities.                                                                                                                    While providing free Education.  In this way we are targeting the key issues which drive children on to                                                                                                                  the streets in the first place by,

  •    Prevention
  •    Rescue
  • Family – Re-integration, Fostering and Adoption         

International Volunteers, Picture books, instruments, art, music, or other teaching materials related to                                                                                                                    your subject., Pens, pencils, notemakers, colour pens, novels, games, stickers, crayons, exercise books,                                                                                                              story books, chalk, white board markers, sports facilities, used Computers/Laptops, and funding.


This programme is to enable people with disabilities to fulfill their potential within society as citizens with                                                                                                                equal rights and access to services;  

  •   ICT and  vocational skills development
  •   Establishment of enterprises
  •   Job placements and exhibitions showcasing the abilities of persons with disabilities.

International Volunteers, educational materials, computers, sawing machines, logistics and funding.

Education (Build a School Project)                                                                             

Our build a school project is for every young person especially the girl child in Ghana to fulfill                                                                                                                    their potential and to make a difference. We intend to increase their chances of a brighter future.                                                                                                          Our aim is not just to support the schools, but to develop a model which can continue working                                                                                                                without us.

International Volunteers, building materials, furniture, computers, logistics and funding.