(Hope for Rural  Dwellers)

The Executives

  Atto Wilson

Responsible for project implementation, communication with agency and community partners on regular basis.
Perform site visits and lead team members on project site visits as necessary.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Accountable for all aspects of team supervision including training, education, motivation, scheduling, evaluation, morale, attendance and discipline.
Enforce the standards of behavior as well as policies and procedures to ensure adherence to program goals and mission. Responsible for ensuring that project objectives are met efficiently and performed at a high level of quality.  Act as Organizing Secretary and participate in all relevant meetings

Gloria Sena Nyamador
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Conduct regular team meetings and meet individually with members as needed. Demonstrate sensitivity to and awareness of cultural differences and their effect.  Work as a team player to implement non-volunteer field projects. 

Train community members in financial literature and wealth creation techniques and related topics. Mentor by example and work alongside volunteers. Keep financial records and responsible for fund raising events and also acts as Public Relation officer and participate in all relevant meetings.


Ruby Anyeley

Managing volunteer and youth outreach events, planning, and on-site supervision of volunteers; leading environmental education activities and post-event chore completion to accomplish the field aims.

Secure volunteer hospitality donations for events. Responsible for stocking of volunteer supplies, gloves, hospitality items, volunteer event boxes and overall management of volunteer supplies/materials. Assist with volunteer recruitment, hosting information tables and posting fliers.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Conduct regular team meetings and meet individually with members as needed. Demonstrate sensitivity to and awareness of cultural differences and their effect.  Work as a team player to implement non-volunteer field projects.  

Philomena Elikplim Ayivor

Prepare oral and written reports, which include daily work logs, work projects summaries, before and after photos of volunteer events, equipment use and maintenance of logs, performance evaluations, and incident reports. Perform also other relevant assignments

Frank Mills-Akuffu

Supervision and coordination of projects, primary field work, direct supervision of opportunities for projects. 
                                                                      Conduct volunteer management training, conduct audience-appropriate training and presentations in such areas as: project orientation, proper tool use, first aid, workplace safety, environmental restoration, natural resource management, leadership/management skills and community service.

Support team education; including training/orientation, and core requirements. Assist with project management for volunteer events and material acquisition.Train community members in environmental restoration techniques and related topics.

Responsible for team safety and well-being, productivity, morale, quality of work, training and education in and out of the field, daily scheduling and site documentation, maintaining vehicles and equipment, and fulfilling the aims & objectives of HOPE AND SERVICE TO MANKIND in all endeavors.

Perform also other relevant assignments and participate in all relevant meetings.  Act as General  Secretary


Our Shared Responsibilities at HOPE AND SERVICE TO MANKIND FOUNDATION is SERVING others. When we volunteer to serve others, extending a hand to those in need, we model the heart of true spirit with UNITY and ONE LOVE.

We are responsible as executives for the day-to-day running of the Organisation and reporting to members of

the organisation.

We draw up programmes and projects of the Organisation for the approval of the General Assemble of

Members and the Board.

Our responsibilities also include the following and more;

Decision making and reviewing the work of all committees to ensure conformity with general policies of the


Survey and proposals writing to Donors and funding agencies and ensuring implementation of all policy decisions of the General Assembly.
Making policy recommendations including budget proposals for the consideration of the general meeting. 

Presenting a report of activities, the audited accounts, the work programme and budget for ensuring transparency to the General Assembly.

 Promoting the vision and mission of the organisation through many educative programmes both locally and internationally.

Planning and organising workcamps towards physical projects, literacy work, and establishing demonstrational camps and farms, Leadership training, camping activities and International Cultural Exchange Programmes.

Establishing contacts and partnerships for the success of the aims and objectives, and projects of the organisation.

Conducting the affairs of the Organisation in-between meetings of the General Assembly and also to execute any other duties to be prescribed by members.

Representation of the organisation at meetings, conferences, seminars and in general official matters.

Organising programmes that aim at recruitment of new members/volunteers and membership drive in general.

We do so in the spirit of mutual respect and genuine commitment to work alongside the beneficiaries and volunteers coming from many corners of the world and from a variety of educational and professional experiences, we share the desire to contribute to the future of mankind.

By working together in friendship and responsibility towards one another, and fully utilizing our individual as well

as collective resources, we believe that HOPE AND SERVICE TO MANKIND FOUNDATION can make a real


 Working with us grants you a way to make a difference whilst experiencing life in a developing country.

You will have the opportunity to be placed within one of many areas; Community Development Projects, Health,

Women and Children, Education (basic, adult, youth, vocational and ICT, etc.), HIV/AIDS projects, working with

people with disabilities, Eco-tourism and many more.

We welcome you to join us in providing SERVICE TO MANKIND...!

Thank you for supporting our efforts!!