(Hope for Rural  Dwellers)

General Volunteering 

The opportunity to live in another part of the world experiencing a totally different culture.  A chance to confirm your passion for development issues.  A way to make a difference whilst experiencing life in a developing country. Volunteering with us gives you the opportunity to have a rewarding and life changing experience.  We provide a unique life experience that you will never forget.

You will live and work with the local people integrating yourself within their culture. You will have the opportunity to be placed within one of many areas; Community Development Projects, Public Organisations, Health, Education (Teach and Learn Abroad), Non-Governmental Organisations, HIV/AIDS Projects, Working with people with disabilities, Eco-tourism and many more.

We carefully select volunteer placements, based on your experience, qualifications and areas of interest. Opportunities are available in both urban and rural areas. The duration of the programme varies from 3 weeks to 1 year and more. The age is between 18- 100 years.

Non-formal education refers to guided learning and teaching through experience in real-life settings. We want you to learn a lot, but in a very different way than school.

Our volunteer programmes empower people to play an active role in their communities’ development, while gaining the experience, knowledge, values and life skills necessary for employment and full citizenship. Volunteers contribute to achieving national priorities such as nation-building and improving governance. Benefits in volunteering accrue both to the country being served, and the serving volunteer.

Our aim is to promote young people’s commitment towards a more inclusive growth through notably projects that tackle the issues of youth unemployment, poverty and marginalization, inclusion of disable young people, encouraging young people’s participation, young people spirit of initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship, healthy behaviours through the promotion of sport and outdoor activities, global environmental challenges and climate change, thus encouraging the development of ‘green’ skills and their commitment to a more sustainable growth through international cultural exposure and information provided in youth exchange projects by assuming academic and general responsibilities for involvement in community development issues, communication and self development.
We aim to inspire a sense of active citizenship, solidarity and tolerance among young people and to involve them in shaping their future and that of their communities and country at large.

  • We aim to promote mobility within and beyond borders, non-formal learning and intercultural dialogue, by encouraging the inclusion of all young people regardless of their educational, social and cultural backgrounds.
  • We aim also to help young people studying and working in the youth sector develop skills and establish contacts necessary to enhance their work and cultural scope.
  • To foster an international network of likeminded individuals who have an interest in supporting and strengthening intercultural relations between the countries in focus and beyond.
  • To give participants a greater awareness of the history and development of the field of cultural diplomacy.
  • To offer our participants access to a range of informed perspectives on cultural, political, and economic issues in the relationship or region in focus. For exposure and to learn new things from another society.


Target groups (to study in Africa-Ghana by means of volunteering)

  • Primary Schools (group exchange with the supervision of a teacher or adults)
  • High School
  • University Students
  • Groups (churches, clubs, etc.)
  • Individuals