(Hope for Rural  Dwellers)

What We Do

SERVICE TO MANKIND FOUNDATION aims to bring groups of young people from different countries together so they can explore their social and cultural differences and similarities while contributing to community development projects.

We provide a platform for students/volunteers to be involve in group educational activities that focuses on issues related to intercultural communication, development issues in the host communities and larger issues related to international development, learning the Africa way of lifestyle (family, cooking and dressing), drumming and dancing lesson, etc. Volunteers learn a lot from us in a different way than school.

We have opportunities for potential skills volunteers such as, trained teachers, trained nurses, social workers, nutritionist, arts and craft, vocational trainers etc.

We also accept administrators with experience in the following: Strategic planning, Time management, Accountancy, Human resource, Project marketers, and Communication (writing proposals for grant, writing comprehensive report on studies, publishing results to contributors).

Our efforts primarily focus on supporting programmes and projects that promote education among children who are the hope of future. We do so in the spirit of mutual respect and genuine commitment to work alongside the beneficiaries and volunteers coming from many corners of the world and from a variety of educational and professional experiences, we share the desire to contribute to the future of our communities.

We bring together literate and non-literate, towns, villages, people in common respect for each other and for manual work to promote and encourage the development of the spirit of voluntarism among the youth and people of all communities by organising work camps towards physical projects, literacy work, and establishing demonstrational camps and farms, leadership training, camping activities and International cultural exchange programmes towards development.

We help educate children and young people especially women and girls who never go to school, and a far larger number of illiterate adults and shall empower the poor, women and the disadvantage Individuals particularly those living in remote, rural and marginalized urban areas, to access information and to use ICTs as a tool to support their efforts to lift themselves out of poverty. (Knowledge, Skill, and Wider Competency).

We provide communities with building and refurbishment projects  including Pre-schools, Primary School, Senior Secondary, Vocational and Technical Schools (classrooms and amenities), Clinics, Libraries as well as K.V.I.P Projects and community centers, guided by our experienced Project construction team, we undertake foundation laying, mixing cement, brick laying and brick making, and painting. Volunteers contribute to the success of our aim by helping in all aspects from building the actual projects to supplying books, computers and constructing furniture.

We support vulnerable young people facing barriers to participation – such as young mothers, homeless young people, young people with learning disabilities by providing vocational training and work-based learning services.

We promote psychosocial counseling for all people living with HIV/AIDS, chronic and tropical diseases empower the individual physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially by providing adequate support and above all to give them hope, that all is not lost.

We support people with disabilities to fulfill their potential within society as citizens with equal rights and access to services, ICT and vocational skills development, establishment of enterprises, job placements and exhibitions showcasing the abilities of persons with disabilities.

We organise camps for people living with chronic diseases to meet medical professionals for free care, support, advice, check ups and treatment, and also to meet other people living with the same chronic disease.

We organise volunteering activities, clean up exercise, visiting Orphanage homes (support) and also hosting groups (excursions) to do projects in Communities while learning the Culture of the People (International Cultural Exchange and Host Family Programmes).

We undertake projects that aims at educating the public on the need for afforestation and  to desist from environmental degradation (deforestation, desertification, depletion of the ozone layer, trans-boundary air pollution, etc.) rather to give protection to land  resources and the atmosphere by engaging in tree planting (agroforestry) activities such as woodlot farming, alley farming, etc. for the protection of the environments and replenish the rapid depletion of our tree stock and other forest resources.

We provide a complete range of cross cultural programmes and support services to youth, tourist/volunteers, students, educators, institutions and gap year organisations. We offer English as a second language camps to help children and women and the youth as our support in the development process of Hungary and non English speaking countries through a Youth Exchange Programme. The English language school is situated in a beautiful historical environment of Hungary near Lake Balaton and surrounded by beautiful landscape and castle mansion.

We believe in long-term perspectives and sustainable results. It is our conviction that good education is a requisite to attaining these goals.

Everyone who shares our dream and principles is invited to join us regardless of his or her ethnicity, nationality, and political or religious preferences.