General Notice & Information 

What we offer volunteers in terms of Service and learning opportunities:
During the programme participants have the chance to experience diverse cultural landscape and to learn more about the countries remarkable history.
Volunteers will live and work with the local people integrating themselves within the local culture. Volunteers learn a lot from us, but in a very different way than school.       

They will have the opportunity throughout the period of the project to develop relationships with each other, with the local groups, and with the Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation staff, members, and the communities at large which we believe will help to create a personal network of like-minded individuals for their future careers.

Our huge experience of working with young people (youth) including our local volunteers is a manifestation of what we aim to develop in the youth by means of exposure. We are ready to welcome international volunteers to our team. We believe that a motivated international volunteer could give a big extra input to our activities, by bringing in new experiences, new knowledge, ideas and new energy that could give a new perspective to our activities especially our youth capacity building efforts that will go a long way to help in developing further our current development projects

We offer flexible accommodations:

1. Holiday home with 4 rooms that sleep up to 8 people in single beds (no bunk beds!), with electricity, bathroom with toilet, kitchen
and security protection. (With a cost)
2. Shared dormitories where there is running water, electricity and security protection throughout the project period. (Free)
3. Tenting options for those who prefer being even closer to nature. (Free)
Smoking is limited to specific outside areas only.

Healthy Meals
Our work Camp serves three healthy and delicious local meals each day (Breakfast, Launch, Dinner)
Meals include vegetarian and non-vegetarian, diabetic options made with local and organic produce whenever possible.
Snacks are served in the evenings.
At a daily cost of 18 Euro per day (Breakfast, Launch, Dinner)

Our able and loyal local volunteers will meet and greet you and ride with you home from the airport or the bus station.
we will happily arrange a shuttle for you at no cost.

What to Bring:
Sleeping bag or linens for the beds
Alarm clock
Towel and wash cloth
Something to carry your toiletries in to the shower houses and back
Flash light

Bug spray

Notepad and pen
Water bottle
Clothes for cool nights.
Drums and other percussion instruments                                                                                                                                                                        

A warm jacket is always a good idea.
Passport (if you’re coming from outside of Ghana)

Any Type of Donations are Welcome Always please
Footballs, Playing boats, Jerseys and any other Sporting Equipements
Used laptops or computers, and games
Toys for the kids at our projects sites

Used clothes and shoes

Market Place
HSMF features a market place where you can purchase drums, percussion instruments, drum accessories, t-shirts, books, beads, African wear and other great things. Be sure to check it out.
* Only cash is accepted to purchase the great items offered here. When you buy from us, you are changing a life unknowingly.

Project Environment:
Our projects take place periodically in over 22 communities of five regions in Ghana all year round, thus enabling the volunteer to get acquainted with the social life by the country-side and in the capital, Accra (accommodation be in the city centre) where be volunteers will be hosted for the first two days after arrival.

We provide a safe and inspiring environment for the volunteer, as we are experienced with involving both international and local volunteers in our activities as experience volunteers and executives.

The volunteer will be a member of an active team, where the volunteer can take initiative and help others to implement their dreams with the able support of the co-ordinating and host organisation in settling in to their new environment and culture.Part of our team is Persons leading the projects and camps but are also volunteers

All volunteers will be offered leisure time activities, in order to become acquainted with specifics about the different cultures in Ghana. There will be weekly meetings that provide volunteers the opportunity to meet our local members and communities for socialisation, etc. There is a clear description of each function and activity. The volunteer will be introduced to all activities of the organisation as well as the host communities.

There are normal citizenship rules which apply to our staff, members, communities as well as citizens and of course also valid for the volunteer.  Also there exist rules of the work-camps according to the management and of the administration (No Alcohol during the project).

Lifestyle means for us everything that influences our quality of life and culture: clothing, leisure time, food as well as music, culture, sports, having friends and celebrating parties. Through an encounter with a young person from another country, a new aspect will be added to the lives of our community and people and therefore we ask volunteers to dress decently and professionally while in the communities.

Volunteer will have partly the same issues that are important for them (individuality, own responsibility) but will also confront us with cultural differences, that will enforce a high flexibility and tolerance from our communities and people. Through living daily life together, talking, discussing, cooking, playing, shopping or going out will bring two cultures together.


Join us in Ghana some day soon

Project ID: HSMF/033 SUP

Nature of work:
This program is designed to help small and new business entrepreneurs. The program intends to upgrade the skills of female entrepreneurs in dress making, batik tie & dye making, trading and farming to enable them improve upon their production.

The program will also include managerial training and health education.

The program therefore requires volunteers who have knowledge/experience/interest in product development and marketing, retail trade (sales), small business management, record keeping, agriculture, nutrition, health education (family planning/birth control, HIV/AIDS) etc.

Location: Ashaiman – Zenu, Near Accra
Side Attraction:  Volunteers will visit Tsatsadu Waterfalls, Wli Waterfalls – the highest waterfalls in West Africa and also Mount Afajdato, etc.
Free African Drumming and Dancing lessons in the evenings after work.

Free weekends.

                                                                                   Project ID: HSMF/04 TRA                                   Date: ALL YEAR ROUND                                      Area: TRADITION AND CULTURE            (Drumming and Dancing)

HSMF Drumming and Dancing Camp is an amazing period of drumming, dancing, and singing that welcomes everybody who wants to learn and share their rhythm and spirit in a safe and supportive environment while learning the culture and traditions of rural Ghana. Whatever your skill level, there will be something for you! (With a cost).

There’s a lot to do at camp! * Drumming and Dance Workshops – Choose from many different workshops going on all day;
* Hiking – Walk the beautiful trails that weave through the land
* Showcase – Show off what you learned at camp or share your other talents with everybody at the talent showcase.
* Bonfires and Late Night Jams – Join in some of the late night jams for more drumming, singing, and dancing.

Side Attraction:                                        Participants will visit Tsatsadu Waterfalls, Wli Waterfalls – the highest waterfalls in West Africa and also Mount Afajdato, exciting and historic places, etc.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Join us help develop communities by taking part in projects which care for children, teach core subjects or work alongside local Ghanaians to assist in sustainable farming, enterprise development and many more.

Volunteers who feel their experience, skills and interest do not fall under any of the below programmes could conveniently provide general office support. Any of such skills are valuable Computer Knowledge, Website Familiarity, Writing Skills, Research Techniques and Proposal Writing, Project management, administration, public health, nutrition, nursing, agriculture, community development, cooperative development are always welcome.

      Be a part of a progressive non profit projects to help women and children in need. It's not just a vacation.

Project ID : HSMF/02 SPO
Area : SPORT FOR CHANGE                         (Street And Working Children And Young People)

Nature of work:
Encouraging and building a more positive future for Street and Working Children, Young People and especially girls’ participation in lifelong physical activities by developing different ways of getting them interested and involved to bring about sustainability and change in their life for;

* Dvelopment of leadership skills

* Personal change in young people

* Development of inter-personal skills

* Self-confidence and a sense of responsibility
* Broader opportunities

Creating a fun, support structure and welcoming experience inclusion. Involving all young people of all ages to participate in & through Sport and responding to the drop off in sports participation (Increasing Participation/Whole School Impact).

Side Attraction:
Participants will visit Tsatsadu Waterfalls, Wli Waterfalls – the highest waterfalls in West Africa and also Mount Afajdato, exciting and historic places, etc.

Project ID: PHFS/06 TEA

Nature of work:
This programme involves volunteers teaching in various levels of education in several rural communities in Ghana. Participants can volunteer at any time throughout the year and can stay from a minimum period of Twenty-one (21) days to Twelve (12) months and more.

The volunteer teaching opportunities are available in pre-school, Primary, Junior and Senior Secondary Schools, and also Adult Education.

Pre-school (Age 4 – 5 years) Language, Numeracy, Creative Arts (Music, Dance, Art) and Physical Treaning Primary (Age – 6 – 11 Years) English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Creative Arts, Physical Education (P. E.) Basic Computer Skills.

Juniior High School (Age 12 – 14 Years) English, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Agricultural Science, Physical Education and I. C. T. Seniior High School (Age – 15 – 18 Years) English, Mathematics, Integrated Science, French and I. C. T.   (Adults Evening School)                                                                   Side Attraction: Participants will visit Tsatsadu Waterfalls, Wli Waterfalls – the highest waterfalls in West Africa and also Mount Afajdato, exciting and historic places, etc.


Project ID: HSMF/104Y
Date: OCTOBER, 2016

Nature work:
This program will bring both local and foreign youths of 16 years old and above together to discuss issues pertaining to the youth – education, rights of the child, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, culture, etc.

There will be speakers to deliver papers on specific topics.

The participants from various countries and cultures may do presentations on specific topic of their choice/interest.

Participants will also visit places of interest in Ghana.

Location: Begoro , Eastern Region

Side Attraction:
Different youth cultural groups will entertain the volunteers in the evenings.

In addition volunteers will visit tourist attraction s like Boti Falls, Wli Waterfalls, Mount Afadzato-the highest mountain in Ghana, Tafi Monkey Sanctuary etc.

Project ID: HSMF/01CONS
Date: JAN. –  DEC.                                               Area: CONSTRUCTION OF CLASSROOMS

Nature of work:
Both local and foreign volunteers will help volunteers of Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation construct Classrooms for the school, Floating Crystals Academy

The work will involve;

Digging the earth                                             Mixing of concrete and mortar                                                                Casting of blocks with cement, sand and water, etc.

Location: Ashaiman -Lebanon, Near Accra.

Side Attraction:
Volunteers will visit Tsatsadu Waterfalls, Wli Waterfalls – the highest waterfalls in West Africa and also Mount Afajdato, etc.

Free African Drumming and Dancing lessons in the evenings after work.

Free weekends.


(Hope for Rural  Dwellers)